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We are Attenza Law

 Founded in 2010


Meet the Owner

Karen Lundquist

Karen graduated cum laude from William Mitchell College of Law in 2005 and has experience working in employment law and business law matters with the firm’s small and medium-sized business clients. She speaks English, Italian, and Spanish, and has lived abroad in both Italy and Chile for a combined total of almost 13 years. These experiences benefit local clients who may venture into international markets. Karen is also a professor at the University of Minnesota Law School where she teaches legal writing to foreign attorneys and supervises a pro-bono program in collaboration with the nonprofit organization LegalCORPS, which provides free legal services to small, start-up, and non-profit businesses in Minnesota. Karen also advocates for animals by helping animal-friendly businesses.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Attenza Law is to provide high quality - yet reasonably priced and accessible legal services - to small, nonprofit and for-profit businesses in Minnesota, so they can protect their company and interests like any larger organization.

Our Mission

At Attenza Law, we level the playing field by providing high quality yet reasonably priced legal services to small, nonprofit and for-profit companies in Minnesota so that they have the same access to an attorney that larger companies do.

For me, being a lawyer means
to help those in need.

( Joe Jamail)

Your Business
and Your Success

If your organization needs legal services, contact Attenza Law and arrange a consultation. We are conveniently located and are also available to meet at your office or place of business to save you time during your busy day.

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