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Legal Advice for Animal-Friendly Businesses

If you are a Minnesota, animal-friendly business seeking legal advice, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because the owner of Attenza Law, Karen Lundquist is a vegan and animal lover, advocate and activist. Karen wants Attenza Law to be the go-to law firm for Minnesota businesses that work with animals in a positive way or that sell vegan foods and products.


Attenza Law is focused on helping businesses with contracts, leases, LLC requirements, hiring/firing, trademarks and copyrights, as well as other legal issues. We truly enjoy working with local clients and providing the legal advice they need.


We know that hiring an attorney can be so expensive that it prohibits many businesses from getting the legal advice they need, and that is why we offer a payment structure that suits animal and vegan businesses of Minnesota.


How does it work? Simply pay what you can or an amount that you think represents the value of the services we provided. If you can’t afford to pay anything for the work, we’ll do it pro bono and you don’t pay anything.


This pricing structure is available only to clients that positively impact animals or that provide vegan goods and services and may be discontinued at any time.

Your Business
and Your Success

If your animal-friendly organization needs legal services, contact Attenza Law by calling 612-961-3940 or filling out the form below to arrange a consultation. We are conveniently located and are also available to meet at your office or place of business to save you time during your busy day.

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