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Your Compassionate Advocate in
Animal Law

Attenza Law is dedicated to offering specialized legal services in the field of animal law. Our founder, Karen Lundquist, combines a wealth of experience with a profound passion for animal rights, ensuring that every case is approached with legal expertise and  understanding of the intricacies involved in animal-related matters.

About Karen

With over ten years of dedicated service in animal advocacy in the Twin Cities, Karen Lundquist is a beacon of hope and justice for animal rights. Her work transcends the realms of legal representation, extending into heartfelt engagement with local animal nonprofits, where she serves as a foster for dogs and sits on the board of directors of a local nonprofit organization Animal Folks, actively shaping the future of animal welfare.

Our Services

We provide a diverse range of specialized services catering to various aspects of animal law:

  • Consumer Pet Cases: The heartbreak of a new pet suffering from severe health issues is a distressing experience. Our firm stands with you, offering comprehensive legal assistance for cases involving pets bought from breeders or pet stores that have resulted in serious illness or untimely death. We navigate consumer protection laws to seek accountability and justice.

  • Dog Bite Cases: We offer expert legal representation for both victims of dog bites and owners in need of defense. Our approach is marked by empathy and a commitment to securing justice and appropriate compensation.

  • Animal Rights Advocacy: Karen's extensive background in animal rights law ensures that each case is supported not just by legal expertise but by a profound understanding of animal welfare and the legal structures that support it.

  • Tort and Contract Issues Related to Animals: Understanding the concept of 'tort' is crucial in cases where an animal is harmed or killed due to someone else's actions. We provide robust legal support in holding individuals accountable for harm to animals and in addressing contract disputes related to the sale or purchase of animals.

Commitment to Community and Compassion

At Attenza Law, we recognize that animal-related legal matters are deeply intertwined with emotions and the well-being of both animals and their human companions. Our engagement with the community and various animal nonprofits in Minneapolis reflects our holistic approach, combining legal prowess with a compassionate understanding of the emotional and ethical dimensions of each case.

Get in Touch

Whether you’re navigating the complexities of a consumer pet case, seeking justice for a dog bite incident, advocating for wildlife protection, or requiring legal assistance for any other animal-related matter, Attenza Law is here to guide and support you. With Karen Lundquist’s expertise and passion leading the way, you can trust that your case is in the best of hands.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards resolving your animal law matters with a firm that truly understands and cares.

Animal Advocacy and Protection

For dedicated legal support tailored to animal law, reach out to Attenza Law. Call us at 612-961-3940 or complete the form below to schedule a consultation. Positioned in the heart of Minneapolis, we're readily accessible and equally willing to meet at your location, ensuring convenience and consideration for your schedule. Partner with Attenza Law, where your commitment to animals is matched by our commitment to you.

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