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We take care of your legal needs so you can take care of your business

At Attenza Law, we provide legal advice to Minnesota businesses: small, start-up and nonprofit. Our services are reasonably priced so you can get the legal assistance you need, knowing you can afford it.

Introducing our law firm

Why Choose Attenza Law?

We Take Your
Business Seriously

Running a business can bring a lot of headaches, no matter the size, from the lease you are about to sign or the employee you want to hire or fire, to the trademark that distinguishes your business and the tenant that you want to evict. At Attenza Law, we work with business owners to help them make sound legal decisions and avoid those headaches. ​

We Are Small
and That’s Big!

Large law firms are great for those large corporations and those individuals who can afford them. At Attenza Law, we provide the same high-quality legal advice that you can find at a large law firm, but without the large price tag. We work only with small businesses and individuals because as a small business, we understand where you're coming from. 

We Are Trustworthy and Community Driven 

At Attenza Law, we want to help Minnesota businesses like yours and to provide the community with affordable access to attorneys they can trust and relate to. You’ll find a personal concern for your best interest here, as well as easy to understand legal solutions that best suit you and your business needs. 

There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)


Meet the Owner

Karen Lundquist

Karen Lundquist is a people helper, animal lover, and the owner of Attenza Law. She brings a unique blend of law, languages and cultural awareness to the clients of Attenza Law. She enjoys working with her clients, learning about their business and their goals and helping them put their business needs in order.

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